Youth of Aroostook County

The Northern Maine Antique Tractor Club is dedicated to its goal of being a family oriented organization and it provides an educational experience to all youth members, as to how our past generations lived and worked.

We offer a scholarship program for a spouse, child, grandchild, niece or nephew of NMATC member.

As a club NMATC endeavors to teach that safety is always first in operating a tractor or piece of equipment. We provide a youth safety course which is required and provided by the Northern Maine Antique Tractor Club in order for any youth to participate in a tractor pull or a parade.

All Youth will need to test on every model of tractor that they plan to use in pulling events or a parade. This is due to Insurance Guidelines for Safety.

Youth Safety Course Requirements

    • An Adult responsible for the youth would have to bepresent at all times during the safety course
    • Driver ability to start and handle the tractor
    • Driver ability to use the clutch and shift the tractor
    • Driver must show control at all times
    • Driver ability to stop the tractor smoothly and also suddenly if necessary
    • Driver ability to shift into reverse and back the tractor and hook up to an implement
    • Driver has to display responsibility and concern for their own safety and for the safety of others
    • Driver must drive the tractor at a constant speed through a set of cones. They must stop the tractor with the front wheel as close as possible to the cones without hitting them
    • Driver must drive around a series of cones simulating tight corners
    • Driver must back the tractor up without striking any objects
    • Driver will be asked to drive through and be able to judge distance so as not to knock then down. (cones will start being set wide apart and then begin to narrow)
    • Driver will be asked to do a turning around exercise
    • Driver must dismount properly from the tractor (three point contact)
    • The tractor must be a safe operating tractor with all parts functioning properly. Certificate will be issued for youth to drive the tractor/tractors on which he/she took the safety course, such as using a hand clutch and/or foot clutch. They may take the safety course on more then one tractor.
    • Youth Safety Course Instructor's: Dwayne Dow & Danny Raymond
    • For additional information on the safety course please contact Dwayne Dow at 455-4749